2 wheels good, 4 wheels bad.

Only days ago a motorcyclist was pulled over for riding his bike in Metro Melbourne.
His offence; Ride MotorBike with Helmet affixed w Camera (GoPro affixed to Helmet)
The camera is used to record his (and others) habits and document any safety concerns whilst commuting to/from work.

Video was posted online and other bike riders on various forums have questioned the validity of the traffiic stop.
The Officer (not wearing her Hi-Vis safety jacket) has claimed that adding stick-on camera mount has made the helmet ‘non-compliant’.
No fine was provided on the spot and no law could be cited.

Sadly a fine HAS now arrived in the mail and it is being challanged.
Fine; RoadRule 270(1) – $289 and 3 demerit points.

Discussion has already taken place with the Office of the Chief Commissioner (Victoria Police) and NO offence has been noted, with an understanding that any fine WILL be withdrawn.

So, here’s the video (starting @ 2min mark. Comments from Officer at 2.35)

And the fine

And the Bike and Helmet

The rider is still as confused as the Police, and support has been given by the Independant Riders Group to assist with this issue.

Dale Maggs from IRG is available for comment on  0432 776 458

Hopefully this will be sorted out swiftly and law can be clarified to clear 1000’s of riders who currently have cameras affixed and also the possible issue with BluTooth headsets used communicate Bike to Bike & Bike to phone.

Comments closed on this topic but updates will be posted as we get them.
To discuss further try the IRG facebook group and/or Netrider.


We have been in contact with a local retailer that sells hundreds of Helmet/Action cameras each year. They advised us that the majority are used for exactly this reason and that GoPro (and other brands) even supply ‘Helmet mount tape’ in the OEM box.
Spares are a huge seller for this type of item but a basic kit already comes with the require parts to apparently make then ‘Non-Compliant’.

Owner of Peninsula Camera Centre in Frankston, Mr Anthony Burns said he regularly sold these cameras to help riders record their rides and he believed that the accessories had no affect on the performance of the helmet. He went on to say ramifications of this latest case could be huge with cameras now common place in many forms.
Helmet cams were used by Surf Lifesaving units, Rescue teams, Fire fighters, the list goes on.


Stay tuned as we expect to have latest update from the rider himself shortly.

Rider and IRG have reached a stalemate with VicPol.
Officer who issued the ticket is on ‘leave’ and only they can remove the fine.
Discussions w Commissioner’s office has not eventuated in anything they are wanting to put in writing. So rider has to wait until officer returns. So much for command…

Lets just think about this.
GoPro’s are used across a wide range of activities. Are they all affected by this version of rule interpretation?

  • Horse Riding
  • Motorbike riding – Road, Track, Offroad
  • Emergency services – FireFighting, Ambulance
  • Police – Many states are fine with cameras and use various themselves.
  • Pilots – Helicopter, Rescue
  • LifeSaving
  • Many many more, just look at youtube videos.

Media has now picked up this issue and expect coverage on Ch9 news (and others) tonight.


UPDATE – Audio from 3aw 11am news friday (With statement from VicPol)

Audio from 3aw 10am news friday (200kb)
Edited video –

Comment has been requested from several of the Gopro AU distributors but as it’s Xmas they have had a limited response so far.
How many presents are going to be given in a few days and no warning of this rule?


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