VicPol Divvy Van chase

Exclusive vision of VicPol Divvy van, only days before it was involved in a horrible high speed crash in Melbourne CBD, off chasing offending cars.


VIDEO (4mb) – Right click and save

In the video you can hear a car passing it by whilst attending another incident on Lygon st Carlton. As the car accelerates away to get through a changing orange traffic light, Police and bystanders all turn their heads to watch the car. VicPol member gets into the fatefully car (Rego – MCW-554) and take off after the offender. The Police driver leaves the current scene and chases whilst only ‘one-up’. He’s soon to return and mentions ‘he thought that the car stopped at Elgin st lights’ (when clearly the car speed off thru the changing orange set).

Vision is exclusive to and is not to be reused without specific WRITTEN consent. Contact for rights details.


News photo taken of the scene after the same car crashed at high speed through the tramway dividing barrier. For the car to hit road blocking pole and then the barrier pole, speed must have been quite a factor. News has reported that it hit the pole which travelled off the bonnet, through the window, through the cabin, into the cell and out the reinforced door.